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The Clarendon Club.

Location: Coventry Road, Hinckley.

Date: 2003-Today.

The Clarendon Club.
The newest of the Northern Soul events in Hinckley, The Clarendon Club held its first Classic Northern Soul night on 18th January 2003 to a packed house in excess of 200 people. The Classic Soul Nights are organised by Dave Nicholls, Kelly Knight, Mark Lester, Wayne Hayes and Julian "Pez" Perry, and are promoted by Steve Smith of Timewarp Promotions. When asked what the music policy was, Pez replied, "As long as the floor is full, it's ok.". It seems that someone recognised that every now and then, people just want to dance. The event is planned to be held every three months or so. By the way, if the venue looks familiar, it is! It used to be the Sweet Pea Club. Clarendon Club January 22nd 2005
Clarendon Club dates for 2006 The music played is an across the board policy, featuring classics like "The Charades - Key To My Happiness", "Jerry Butler - Moody Woman", "Bobby Bland - Shoes", R&B standards like "Nick Nack Patty Wack - Lou Lawton" and "Secret Of Mine - Lost Soul" to more modern style sounds like "Don't Send Nobody Else - Ace Spectrum" and "Crazy World - Kenny Thomas".
The DJ rota includes Dave Nicholls and Wayne Hayes from Hinckley, Mark Freeman, Ray Bonser and Sam Evans from Nuneaton, Bob and Rob from the West End Club in Coalville, and Mort and Gra Weaver from Chesterfield. Special mention has to be made of Sam Evans, who plays a corking spot with such enthusiasm and passion.... brilliant!
Many guest DJs appear too, including Dave Evison, Dave Raistrick, Steve Whittle, Rob Smith... the list goes on and on. The up and coming DJ rostas for 2006 are shown on the Clarendon Club flyer on the left.

Big things are on the way for the Clarendon Club.
Once a year, a Summer Special is to be run, where a national name DJ will be guesting. On August 16th 2003, special guest Mark Bicknell appeared, the first time back in Hinckley for Mark since the Leisure Centre All-nighters. Check out the Videos section to see Mark in action!

Even more exciting is a special feature on Hinckley Northern Soul appearing in the June issue of Manifesto magazine, in which the story of the Clarendon Club Classic Soul nights is told. Have a look in the News to read more.

June 2003 Manifesto
Press clipping from Heartland Evening News.
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